An Open Lecture by V. Krutov on «New Worldview Paradigm for Human Development»

05 November 2019

On November 5, 2019, an open lecture by V. Krutov took place at «KROK» University. It was dedicated to the topic: «New Worldview Paradigm for Human Development».

Vasyl Krutov, Dr. of Laws, Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Excellence in Education of Ukraine, Lieutenant General of SSU retired, Vice-President of the World Union of Scientists for Peace (the USA). He is the author of about 100 scientific and 220 journalistic works on counterterrorism and piracy, national and international security, patriotic education of young people, formation of non-state security system of entrepreneurship, as well as on spiritual security, creation of a new worldview paradigm, conceptual foundations of consciousness development and thinking management, the development of a system of knowledge about the true nature of man, his spiritual formation in a post-industrial society and global information space.

During the meeting V. Krutov raised extremely important and topical issues that are of special social analysis and study. The lecturer shared with the audience the necessary knowledge both for professional activity and daily life.

Thanks to V. Krutov for a meaningful and extremely interesting lecture! We are sure that everyone present there has discovered something new and useful.

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