ECO «LOTOS», Art Studio «Art-KEPIT» and Department of Design present «Live Performance: ECO-ART»

08 November 2019

In October 2019, the reading hall of «KROK» University became the epicenter of the art and inspiration. Art Studio «Art-KEPIT» and Department of Design of «KROK» University presented a new joint art project «Live Performance: ECO-ART».

The freshmen of the College of all majors joined this wonderful event. It is especially gratifying that the event was held by Alona Lebedieva, an artist, assistant at the Department of Design of «KROK University».

Iryna Rybak, the creator of the project, Deputy Director of the College emphasizes that they strive to introduce special art formats for the involvement of creative students. As the format «Live Performance» is a unique type of disclosure of artistic visions of any author.

The students are Project Coordinators. They are: Oleksandra Kovalova, Manager of ECO «LOTOS», Oleksandr Chus, Artem Porkhun, Illia Naumenko, Dmytro Tsukanov, Nikita Feshchenko; Valentyn Yancharuk, Project Managers of «Art-KEPIT» and Viktoriia Horodetska, Manager of Art Studio «Art-KEPIT» supported the participants for the next two hours of their hard but very inspired work. It should be noted that the theme of the young artists’ drawings was exclusively ecological one. These were autumn landscapes or author's eco-abstractions.

We sincerely thank all the participants of the event for their incredible inspiration and dedication to creativity. We also thank the Department of Design of «KROK »University, represented by Head of the Department Nadiia Lolina and the assistant of the Department Alona Lebedieva for the support of this wonderful student initiative.

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