Project «The Story of One Success: People Who Are Near» N. Kakhuta

17 February 2020

On February 11, 2020, meeting with Nadiia Kakhuta took place at «KROK» University on the international day of women in science within the framework of the project «The Story of One Success: People Who Are Near».

We talk a lot about what a person needs to do to become successful. However, in many respects the success of a person lies in their personality and emotional intelligence – the ability to give the beloved most of the time and effectively manage the emotional sphere. This is about our colleague, Nadiia Kakhuta, Dean of Department of Business Economics, lecturer, Department of Computer Science.

Nataliia Nakonechna, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work delivered a welcoming speech. She told about the awards and gratitude that Nadiia received while working at «KROK» University and before this there had been a productive, persistent, creative work in Kyiv Mechanical and Technological College. This is what we learned from the Nadiia’s Kakhuta story. Persistent, communicative, principled, strict, demanding, but at the same time tender, loving mother, wife and grandmother, successfully combing work with personal life, has the following hobbies: driver with 20 years of experience, she is keen on swimming, embroidery, travelling. Nadiia has visited 4 countries this year: Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

Nadiia Kakhuta recommended the project participants to focus on the end goal. In fact, there will be challenges and obstacles on the road to success.

It’s very pleasant that the event was visited by colleagues from Kyiv Mechanical and Technological College, where Nadiia had worked for about 25 years.

Media group «КМG» of University «KROK» prepared а videosurprise with the wishes and experience from cooperation with Nadiia Kakhuta. Colleagues, students and alumni were interviewed. All participants responded with warmth and joy.

Here is the link to view a photo report:

Історія одного успіху: Кахута Надія Дмитрівна / КЕПІТ / 11.02.2020

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