Constant Professional Development!

04 November 2020

Developing professionally, knowing the latest trends in IT project management and having a high motivation to learn are about Educational and Scientific Institute for Information and Communication Technologies! For almost two and a half months (July-September 2020), the lecturers of the Institute were trained in the online course «Principles of Flexible Work. Agile for Lecturers» from GlobalLogic.

The trainers of the course were project managers, engineers and consultants of GlobalLogic, who have international certificates, as well as many years of practical experience in IT projects according to Agile principles. During the course, lecturers had the opportunity to get acquainted with such topics as:

  • Software Development Life Cycle from Traditional Models to Agile.
  • Team Building and Roles: Dynamics, Selection. How to Assemble a Successful Team.
  • Work in Distributed Agile-Teams and Scrum-Rallies.
  • Mythology of Requirements in Agile.
  • Agile Leadership - How to Change the Paradigm of Thinking and Achieve New Results.
  • Product Quality Assurance in Agile.
  • Kanban and Scram. How to Find the Best Flexible Approach to Teamwork.
  • Self-Organized Agile Teams: How to Move From Controlling Teams to Their Complete Autonomy.
  • Effective Retrospectives.

Following the online course, certificates were received by O. Tymchuk, O. Lukutin and A. Pylypenko. By the decision of the extended meeting of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematical Methods and Statistics, it was decided to include training as advanced training.

We are very thankful to the GlobalLogic team for the opportunity to join the training! The acquired knowledge and skills are already successfully implemented in the educational process!

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