All-Ukrainian Educational Seminar in OpenTalk format: «Modern Environmental Networking in Ukraine: Opportunities for Educational Institutions»

21 April 2021

On April 21, 2021, in the framework of the All-Ukrainian «ECO + ETHNO + ART» initiative: creative online seminar in OpenTalk format on «Modern Environmental Networking in Ukraine: Opportunities for Educational Institutions» was carried out.

Inspired facilitators of the meeting were: Tetiana Daliavska, Associate Professor of International Relations and Journalism Department of «KROK» University, Ph.D. in Political Science, Chief Information Media Manager of «KROK» University, and Viktoriia Khrutba, Head of Department of Ecology and Safety of Vital Functions of National Transport University, Doctor of Technical Science, Associate Professor, Member of Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of Transport Academy of Ukraine, Academician of International Academy of Life Safety and Vice-President of International Academy of Culture, Safety, Ecology and Health.

Proactive educators from the country and professional speakers participated in the event. In particular, the participants were greeted by: Eduard Riabyi, Secretary of International Non-Governmental Organization «Environmental Safety Council» and Olena Radysh, Director of Rozhniv Lyceum «Hutsulshchyna» named after Fedir Pohrebennyk, Ph.D. in Pedagogical Science, Excellence in Education of Ukraine, specialist of high category, teacher-methodologist.

The speakers of the event were representatives of the expert community in the field of environmental activities and civic activism, representatives of the business sector of eco-authentic orientation, etc: Iryna Shchoka, representative of the European Wildlife Society in Ukraine; Kateryna Shevchenko, Head of Department of Ecological and Educational Work of National Nature Park «Hutsulshchyna»; Viktoriia Melnychuk-Volodkina, Head of Department of Information and Educational Work of Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve; Tetiana Prybora, Chief Engineer for Scientific and Technical Information of Department of Information and Educational Work of the Reserve; Liusiena Shum, Executive Director of Charitable Foundation «Library Country», initiator of Movement «Green Library» in Ukraine; Kateryna Strypko, Director of Charitable Foundation «Foundation for the Protection of Biodiversity of Ukraine», founder of non-govermental organization «Let's make Ukraine clean»; Oksana Omelchuk, coordinator of the volunteer team of NGO «Center for Environmental Initiatives» «Ecodia», environmental activist, tourist; Ihor Moroz, Head of Department of Environmental Policy of Municipal Enterprise of Kyiv City Council Executive Body (Kyiv City State Administration) «Kyivkomunservis»; Anastasiia Bondar, founder of the eco-cosmetics brand «Sungura» and a representative of the partner network «Education for Sustainable Development»; Inna Kuklina, Head of Scientific and Research Folk Art Department of National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine (Pyrohiv).

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