Congratulations to Students on Successful Internship in Mediation at NLBA

19 November 2021

The second group of «KROK» University students completed a two-week internship in Mediation within the frameworks of Erasmus+ project «Mediation: Training and Society Transformation / MEDIATS» at the Netherlands Business Academy, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The students of KROK» University of Bachelor and Master degree programs «Psychology», Master programs of KROK Business School - BSK «Global Business Management» and «Mediation and Conflict Management» participated in the internships. It is worthy to mention, that the students of «Global Business Management» are graduates of the first group of «Mediation and Conflict Management», implemented at KROK Business School (BSK).

The internship included an intensive program of training and practice, including simulations of the mediation process. Our students were trained by the leading mediators of the Netherlands: Jan van Zwieten, Gea van Klompenburg, Marjon Kuipers, representatives of the Mediation Bureau and the Court of the Netherlands, as well as learned about the peculiarities of criminal cases on the example of mediator Dana Rone from Turiba University, Latvia. Together with the students from Ukraine, the students from partner HEIs from Azerbaijan and Georgia also participated in the internship. It gave them the opportunity to share experience in implementing and conducting mediation in different countries.

During the internship, students underwent the assessment conducted by the International Master Mediation Federation. According to the results of the assessment, students received diplomas - International certified mediator, International Counselor of Mediation.

Congratulations to the students on a successful internship! Many thanks to the Netherlands Business Academy for the excellent organization!

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