«KROK» University participated in International Highlight Event

23 May 2017

On May 15-16, 2017 the Second International Highlight Event of Tempus EANET project (Entrepreneurs Alumni Network) took place in Tbilisi (Georgia), with participation of the representatives of alumni-entrepreneurs, project and university staff, government bodies, Chambers of Commerce from Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Romania, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

«KROK» University was represented by strong, inspiring and proactive team that delivered the following workshops and presentations:

  • Presentation of KROK Achievements, Galina Bogachenko - Projects and Programs Manager of «KROK» University;
  • Workshop «Flexibility as the main skill of an entrepreneur», Dmytro Yaremkovych - CEO of Startup Ukraine;
  • Workshop «Fails and success in business», Anna Petrova - Founder and Head of Business Development of Startup Ukraine;
  • Workshop «Focus of EANET development: stakeholder analysis», Olena Sharova - PhD, practicing Project Manager, Associate Professor of Department of Business Administration and Project Management at «KROK» University and Galina Bogachenko - Projects and Programs Manager of «KROK» University;
  • Presentation «Success Story: Marketing Agency Quadrate 28», Nadiia Tabaniuk - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Quadrate 28;
  • Presentation «Startup Ukraine - Growing Young Entrepreneurs», Dmytro Yaremkovych, Anna Petrova.

Noteworthy to mention, that all «KROK» participants are the members of «KROK» University Alumni Association.

Svitlana Zaripova, the Head of «KROK» UAA was not present at the event due to celebration of 25th «KROK» Anniversary, but she actively supported the selection of the participants, preparation of the materials.

The Second International Highlight Event was of great importance in knowledge transfer, presentation of the achievements, sharing of the best practices, discussion of the common challenges and networking among the participants concerning building of sustainable alumni networks.

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