The Energy of Creativity – NAVAA is a guest in «KROK» University

15 May 2017

On May 15, 2017 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the university the opening of the exhibition of creative works by graduates of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture took place in «KROK» University.

The exhibition was opened entitled "The Energy of Creativity”. NAVAA is in «KROK» University , the Rector of the university S. Laptiev and the Rector of the Academy A. Chebykin. The teachers and students, representatives of the Academy met in the renovated room of the university’s library. S. Laptiev thanked the guests for the excellent exhibition, the creation of which demonstrates good partnership and creative relationship between two institutions. In turn, A. Chebykin noted that the organization of the exhibition is the aesthetic gift of the Academy, which this year is celebrating the 100-year anniversary, to younger, but thorough and well-known educational institution in the society – «KROK» University. The Rector of NAVAA S. Laptiev was awarded with the "Worthy of Respect" and the medal to it, read a congratulatory address in honor of «KROK» University.

Our university is an institution imbued with creativity, art is understood and appreciated here and many of its employees are artists themselves. Therefore, beautiful atmospheric pictures by the Chief Engineer of «KROK» University M. Nosur are hosted along with paintings and graphic works by professional artists, diploma works by the graduates of the Academy. The rest of the works by the employees of «KROK» University (and not only by the employees) are on display in the room 246. Here you can see the embroidered towels and napkins by N. Kakhuta, and vyshyvankas, batik and women's jewelry by D. Loiko, women’s jewelry from threads by the graduate of the University L. Sidnenko , and embroidered pictures by L. Reva, beaded works by N. Alkema, N. Serediuk, H. Perepelytsia, collages made from scraps of fabric and threads by a freshman Ye. Loiko and paintings by M. Laptieva, artwork by I. Synhayivska and original composition made from the parts of the computer by I. Chernozubkin.

The visitors of the exhibition in the room 246 can have a talk with the authors of masterpieces of needlework, express their admiration, and wish them success in work and creativity.

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