Happy Birthday, «KROK» University!

17 May 2017

Dear «KROK» family members, we congratulate all and everyone on the university’s birthday!

Everyone who was involved in the establishment, development, prosperity of our University, everyone who taught and teaches university sciences, who provides educational, pedagogical and organizational processes, everyone who studies on all specialties, programs, courses, everyone who graduated from the University, College, who obtained the second degree here, who raised the qualification - in short , each graduate of the university, each PhD student, scientist, each of the parents of our students – former (but with «KROK» university in the heart for good), present, future, every partner, friend of our wonderful education institution, each applicant - our future student!

We are all a big, happy and successful family of «KROK» University. Congratulations to all of us! With glorious powerful 25-year anniversary of «KROK» University! We wish all of us peace, prosperity, happiness and well-being! Let the wings of knowledge and creativity, given by the University; bring you to the tops of success and goodness!

Happy Birthday, «KROK» University!

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