Festival «Presentation of the Countries by KROK Students»

29 November 2018

On November 16, 2018, the Festival «Presentation of the Countries by KROK Students» devoted to the International Students’ Day was conducted at «KROK» University.

The Festival was attended by both students and lecturers, as well as administration of «KROK» University, who were looking forward to this festival.

International students prepared and held an interesting Festival, where they introduced the audience with the culture of their country, folk dances and songs. The presenters – Oleksii Melashchenko and Candy Barai - conducted it in Ukrainian and English.

During the concert program, those, who were present in the assembly hall were able to meet and have the conversation with foreign students. Students presented incendiary Albanian folk dances, impressive singing of the citizens of Bangladesh, and not just these. Particularly fascinating was the performance of verse by Lina Kostenko performed by 5 different countries of the world.

The festival was interesting and funny, and the guests of the event applauded talented friends for a long time, which once again proved that, despite distance and different cultures, people are usually looking for a way to understanding, friendship and communication.

It is gratifying that «KROK» University meets the European level of educational services and is respected outside of Ukraine.

Currently, in our University there are students from more than 40 different countries of the world, which is also a testimony of prestige.

Thanks to such events, students from Ukraine can learn that not only Ukrainians have good traditional songs and dances.

Event organizers: International Office, Department of Student Affairs and Cultural Centre.

Vocal: Aliona Shapatailo, Anastasiia Hryhorets, Vlad Shamryn and the Head of the Vocal Studio «KROK» Valeriia Malikova.


  • China - Vang Zhifeng, performed the song «Tell me the truth».
  • Congo - Kabeya Formel, performed the song «What's up».
  • Iran - Kianpoor Shabnam, Sedri Ali, Mahtab Pejman, Honarmand Hedieh, and representative of Azerbaijan, Valiyev Subhan, performed the song «Million of Red Roses», and also the verse by Lina Kostenko «Kryla» («Wings»).
  • Bangladesh - Rayhan Md, Masum Abdul, Uddin Samch, Masum Oliuzzaman, Mahtab Md Djalal Uddin, Rahman Muhammad Minjaur Rahman Muhammad Minhazur performed the song «Soul».
  • Nigeria - Onwaeze Ogechi Angela, Jaiyeola James Aleakwe.
  • Kurdistan - Aziz Chenar Othman, Saber Saman Ezzulddin Saber, Abdulrahman Idris Zubair, Khudhur Jangir Wsoo, Mahmood Hardi Khalid performed Kurdish folk dance.
  • Georgia - Tabatadze Luka, Shagidze Zuriko performed «Adjarian dance» and the songs in Georgian and Russian.

Here is the link to photo report of the event:

Презентація іноземними студентами КРОКу своїх країн / 16.11.2018

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