Cybersports tournament KEMP-24

14 March 2024

On March 02, 2024, «KROK» University hosted an eSports tournament in two games - DOTA 2 and League of Legends - that was expected by many fans of computer games.

Fans of these games actively arrived at the University at the specified address. The tournament organizers met the guests and led them to the shelter, where fans and participants sat comfortably in a special room, watched the broadcast of the matches and waited for their turn to play.  Sometimes it was loud and noisy, but it was all the emotions of the audience.

League of Legends fighters were the first to face off and the winners were determined as a result of the matches:

1st place - Danylo Shumenko from Professional College, group PR-23k.

2nd place - Oleksandr Savchyn from Educational and Scientific Institute of Psychology of «KROK» University, group PS/EKP-22.

DOTA 2 part of the tournament aroused a little more interest at the registration stage, so the participants actively responded to the start of this game. The broadcast room was filled with comments and discussions of players' tactics. And when another participant defeated the opponent at the decisive moment of the fight, it was like a "Goal!" at a football match. Eventually, the tournament resulted in the final battle between the two best fighters and the winners of DOTA 2, namely:

1st place - Artem Sirosh from Professional College, group KN-22k.

2nd place - Mykyta Lishchuk from  KROK preparatory courses.

All winners were awarded diplomas and prizes.

This is not the last such tournament, so stay tuned for announcements.

See you next time!

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