From Top 500-Overwatch to KROK

08 July 2024

Today we would like to introduce you to our next student from the specialty 122 «Computer Science», who is studying in the fourth year and on June 12, 2024, he just successfully defended the BA Thesis at «KROK» University - congratulations!

Our hero's name is Oleksandr Bokuchava, and he is an encouraging Ukrainian eSports player who currently represents the Passion UA team.

Since childhood, Oleksandr has dreamed of a career in eSports, and this dream began to come true when he became one of the top 500 players in Europe in the popular game Overwatch. His success in this game at the age of 16 became the starting point for taking eSports seriously and it contributed to his even greater interest in computers. Therefore, the choice of «KROK» University and the specialty 122 «Computer Science» was not just due to positive reviews on the Internet or its proximity to home, but to a greater extent due to Oleksandr's desire to immerse himself even more in the world of computer science and win new victories. However, despite his ambitions, Oleksandr faced unforeseen circumstances: first, the COVID-19 pandemic, which moved offline tournaments to an online format, and then the war, which prevented him from traveling to participate in international competitions.

When being asked about his future plans, Oleksandr’s answer is as follows: «At this stage, I plan to finish my studies, I don't really like to make plans for the distant future. But I hope that this rather universal major will help me to provide for myself if I don't succeed in becoming a millionaire in eSports ».

Oleksandr continues to pursue his dreams despite the obstacles, and his story is an inspiration for many young players who aspire to succeed in the world of eSports and Сomputer Science!

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