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09 April 2024

It is a common practice in the IT community to provide feedback. Therefore, we thank the Department of Student Affairs and Student Council for the opportunity to join the magical universe of art. On March 27, 2024, on the International Day of Theater, the Dance and Theater Performance «GRAND HOTEL KROK» was shown. This event was also attended by degree-seeking applicants of group KN-23 attended this event and shared their impressions.

D.D. Yegoreichenko: «The event was exciting and energetic. Impressive dances aroused great admiration among the audience, creating a unique atmosphere of joy and sophistication. The performance impressed with its choreography and professionalism of the performers!»

I.I. Badylevich: «I really liked the event, which showed a lot of images and very cool dances, I think everyone enjoyed the event."

A.R. Nyzhnyk: «It was a great performance, I would go again. I really liked the dances, especially the part in the pool!»

K.A. Yanin: «An interesting event, I really liked it. The participants of the concert were very good at conveying sad and happy emotions, and the whole concert seemed very exciting. I think most people also enjoyed it very much, it was a good opportunity to spend time.»

A.O. Vaskevych: «I really admire what K-dance Theatre and Voskband do. I'm sure that if I didn't need to work or had a scholarship, I would have joined them myself and taken an active part in all these events. The play «GRAND HOTEL KROK» is impressive, full of interesting dances and talented characters. I watched this performance with enthusiasm and did not even have time to catch those moments when I was sitting with my mouth open in admiration. Very cool and impressive. Thanks to K-dance Theatre and everyone for the opportunity to see it.»

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