More First-year IT-students Share Their Impressions

08 July 2024

Today we would like to introduce you to a 1st year student majoring in «Computer Science» - Kostiantyn Yanin. Based on the results of his first year, the KROK administration awarded him with a merit certificate for his academic achievements, and we asked him to share his impressions of his first year:

«I am very glad that I chose «KROK» University and the specialty 122 «Computer Science» for admission. I chose it because many friends told me about it in a positive way, and now I know for sure that it is true. The university offers a fairly varied program that allows students to try themselves in different areas of IT and choose what they want to do in the future, and it also impresses with its lecturers who are always ready to help and are very thorough in their work.

I started to be interested in computers since I was very young because I had access to them throughout my life, and at about the age of 13 I started thinking about a career in this field because it was interesting to me and it also has many opportunities for personal growth.

In my first year, I was very impressed by the work of the lecturers, they really know how to do their job and are also able to help or, if desired, give additional tasks that will improve students' understanding in this area. It's also worth mentioning the university itself, which always offers students to take an active part in student life, and constantly holds various events and concerts.

«I expect that my specialty will open up wide opportunities for professional growth and self-realization, and I highly recommend «KROK» University to those who have already decided that they want to connect their lives with IT, even if they have not yet decided in which field, I think you will find and learn a lot of new and interesting things here».

We wish Kostiantyn success in his studies and further professional growth!

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