«KROK» University is the leader of higher education in Ukraine

21 March 2017

«KROK» University is participating in the main educational event of Ukraine – The Eighth International Exhibition «Modern Educational Institutions» from 16 till 18 of March, 2017 in Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth.

According to the results of the rating exhibition contest «The leader of higher education», held as part of the event, «KROK» University was recognized as the best university of higher education and was awarded with the Grand Prix.

Another recognition of the university in education is a high mark of the level and quality of knowledge that students get, in fact it is an example of our successful development of our university and its permanent improvement. It is necessary to mention that the university got the Grand Prix from a very representative company. As 98 Ukrainian universities, academies, institutes, colleges, technical (training) schools, scientific establishments and 17 foreign institutions and international educational agencies were involved in the exhibition.

Surely, the award has become a major gift for «KROK» University, which this year is celebrating 25 years of successful work on the educational market.

For a quarter of century the university has created a flexible innovative educational system for training professionals, self -development of both young people and teachers. «KROK» meets the needs of present and public orders, offering to take up new, up-to-date professions, implementing innovative programs to acquire unique specialties, including Private Detective Activity; Financial Security of Business; Legal Psychology; Entrepreneurship, Service and Fashion; Tourism; Digital Economics and so on.

«KROK» corresponds to the title «The leader of higher education» meeting all modern criteria, because it provides a qualitative practice-oriented education, providing alumnus - bachelors and masters and PhD students with an opportunity to be competitive on the international and national labor markets. The education system, built in «KROK» University for 25 years is appropriate to requirements and needs of the information society, integrated into the world educational area and oriented on the democratic values.

The participation of the university in educational exhibitions lets entrants and their parents have a talk with representatives from the university, get acquainted with the programs and opportunities offered by «KROK».

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